Farming A Primary Focus Of Little’s State Of The State

During his State of the State address January 11th, Idaho Governor Brad Little addresses several issues key to the state’s farming community. He said his “Building Idaho’s Future” plan will invest in in needed agriculture and water infrastructure projects, which he said would aid in the economic vitality of rural Idaho.

“Agriculture, and our economic future, hinge on safe and dependable water sources. Water is truly the source of life. My plan makes $60 million in strategic investments in long-term water projects and safe water systems for our communities.”

Little added his proposal also calls for the state to invest $126 million in a variety of highway infrastructure projects, as well as make targeted investments in rail infrastructure, community airports and more. In addition, Little said he will also proposed $80 million in new ongoing transportation funding.

“A dependable transportation system is fundamental to commerce. In Idaho, we grow and process most of our commodities, and getting those products down the road in a timely fashion is critical. In all parts of the state, major transportation projects continue to get pushed out further and further out into the future. One of the basic roles of government is to ensure a safe, connected system of roads and highways.”

Little also took time to praise the state’s farm community for ensuring that Idahoans, Americans and those around the world had food, despite supply chain issues that let to temporarily empty grocery store shelves last spring.

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