Newhouse Looks Forward To Working With The Biden Administration

Dan Newhouse says the return of Tom Vilsack as head of the USDA will be a good one for Northwest producers. Newhouse said Vilsack, who served as Ag Secretary for eight years under President Obama, understands the unique issues facing the local farm community.

“Tom Vilsack has been to the Northwest several times, and I’ve had many conversations with him about Washington agriculture.  And so I feel positive about the potential working relationships there.”

Newhouse added he will continue to work with Vilsack and the USDA to promote new and expanded trade opportunities now and into the future. Newhouse added his focus is not just helping farmers across the Evergreen State. He said as president of the Western Caucus, he plans on using that roll to advocate for the greater Ag community across the west.

“Not only the Ag Department, but all of the pertinent agencies within this administration so they are fulling aware of the challenges we have in the western United States, and that we have a good dialog with them on how we can find solutions to those challenges.”

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