Parsons: ARM Survey Works To Help The Bottom Line Of Farmers

The USDA’s Agricultural Resource Management Survey looks to create a “balance sheet and income statement for all of American farming”.

“And then also we’re taking this deeper dive in to swine operations, so they’re will be quite a number of swine operators who are part of the survey,” said NASS chair Joe Parsons. “And then we’ll have all kinds of farms; all sizes, all types, also in the survey because we want to get a full representation of all farms and U.S. agriculture

“Farmers make decisions everyday that effect their bottom line they can make those decisions more accurately when they have more and better information that’s exactly what’s going on across agriculture but also in their particular industry,” Parsons continued.

This year’s deep dive in to this one industry is  important, Parsons noted because it does not happen every year.

“And we want to make sure and get it right and we wanna have, you know, good participation from all producers so we can accurately represent how that industry is changing and how practices within that industry are changing.”

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