Searle Wants Trade To Focus Closer To Home In 2021

Bryan Searle, President of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, said after the rollercoaster that was 2020, he’s hopeful the greater Ag community can enjoy stability into 2021. And he says much of that starts with trade. He noted while China over the past year has provided many opportunities for American crops, including products from Idaho, in the year ahead he would like to the U.S. focus on Canada and Mexico.

“We’ve made, I believe, great strides there as well, but we’ve got to continue to build those relationships.  It’s a lot easier to have your neighbor next door and watch them and work together than it is to ship it clear around the world.  So, I see them as two, very important, key players.”

Searle said another priority for him include efforts to protect American farmers, and that comes in the form of being mindful of the farm products imported to the United States.

“Work every day to make [America] great.  Make agriculture the best, and take care of what’s here.  I’ve always heard the phrase take care of your own home first before you look over the fence, or whatever.  It’s easy to look, judge, but you got to have your own house in order.”

Searle added farmers understand each year, each season brings its own unique obstacles and challenges, but he says Idaho’s Ag community is looking forward to the new opportunities over the next 12 months and beyond.

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