Mulrony Optimistic About 2021

After a volatile 2020, Cameron Mulrony, Vice President of the Idaho Cattle Association says he’s optimistic about the year ahead. And the reason for the optimism he pointed out started in the final months of last year with feeder calf sales.

“As we see people are making their adjustments to working from home, eating at home, that demand is starting to come back up.  Our export markets have been good, and as people remember how to and get back in the habit of cooking at home, you know, our beef products are going to be on the table, and people all around the world want U.S. beef.”

Mulroney noted one of the greatest things about the American beef industry is that producers are responsible for the best product in the world, and Idaho is a big part of that. He added he sees opportunities to expand overseas and domestic markets in the future. Mulroney continued custom processors across Idaho are already booked out for months, if not all of 2021.

“And that’s because people are buying a live animal and they’re getting it processed for their consumption at home. Whereas prior to this situation, not that people weren’t doing that, but now it’s increased the demand and that’s good for our industry,” Mulrony said. “You know, we’re getting our beef in the hands of our consumer right here.”

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