Rexburg Farmer Wins AFBF Discussion Meet

Eastern Idaho’s Marquee Ricks was named the winner of the 2021 American Farm Bureau Federation Discussion Meet in early January. Ricks, who faced off against 29 other state winners, says this is a competition that is always very competitive every year, which brings out the best and brightest minds from the young farmer and rancher community.

“It was very stiff competition. Everyone that showed up there is very bright, very involved in very different sectors of agriculture. That was very interesting to me, to learn about how agriculture operations look vastly different across America.”

The goal of the AFBF Discussion Meet is to stir a committee meeting atmosphere, allowing participants to showcase their public speaking and problem solving skills. Ricks said the opportunity was great for her, but also beneficial for the farming community at large.

“As far as for the agricultural community into the future, I would hope  that me winning from the state of Idaho will encourage more people to participate. I hope to see more young farmers and ranchers participating and particularly those that didn’t grow up in the ag community, [for example] I did not grow up in the Ag community, I grew up in Alaska.”

Rick, only the second winner in this competition to come from Idaho, farms wheat, barley and mustard near Rexburg.

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