How Have USDA Scientists Helps In Fight Against COVID-19

When COVID-19 took over every aspect of our lives in the U.S., scientists at USDA’s agricultural research service ramped up their focus on the Coronavirus.

“what we did have was a level of expertise in the agency that we were able to re-direct some of our animal research scientists to this effort,” said ARS Administrator, Chavonda Jacobs-Young. “And so, some of our scientists, for example, would typically be working on avian influenza were able to apply their expertise to this area.”

“We can’t wait till we have a problem to start the research,” Jacobs-Young continued. “So it’s important to always be at the forefront and pushing the envelope on science and discover . And in some ways being clairvoyant about what might be down the pike. And so we’re working very very hard to really help the United States be prepared.”

Through their research, scientists were able to confirm that COVID-19 is not transmitted through poultry, livestock, or mosquitos.

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