Building Up Rural Economy A Priority For Vilsack

For USDA Head nominee Tom Vilsack, building up the rural economy is a priority.

“By investing in robust local food systems creates market opportunities for small and mid-sized producers so they can negotiate their own price.”

Vilsack said the challenge will be creating and developing fields for today’s farmer.

“Carbon sequestration and storage if done the right way. The opportunity for methane capture and reuse, if done the right way. The development of bio-base manufacturing creates new market opportunities for agricultural waste, if done the right way. It can all create a more stable farm income and economy and can also helps to support the jobs that many farm families need as well.”

Vilsack added, that while farmers prefer markets rather than government assistance, “there are times and circumstances that it requires significant investment by the government. We need to prepared to do that. We need policies and programs that allow and enable that. And we need, obviously, a strong crop insurance program that provides protection in the event that mother nature simply won’t cooperate”

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