Helena: Parylay Can Help Wheat Growers Address Tough Broadleaf Weeds

Growing world class wheat is only part of the job description for Northwest producers. The other part is beating back grasses and broadleaf weeds that look to rob the crop of nutrients and much more. Helena says their newest tool should give Northwest wheat growers an advantage in 2021 and well beyond. Parlay was licensed in October for spring 2021.

Mark Wayland, Senior Brand Manager at Helena, said Parlay was inspired by growers who found it more and more difficult to control weeds that have become resistant. He noted that Parlay is a three way broad leafed herbicide designed to help Northwest growers face, and overcome antagonism

“So it contains bromoxynil, varoxipeir, MCPA, has that coformulation systems built in, it really mixes well with other products, particularly grass, selective grass herbicides, controls these troublesome weeds and it is very much a kochia, does an outstanding job, as well as on Russian Thistle.”

Wayland added Parlay is ready for the spring cereal grains market.

Helena’s Dr. Michael Cox says the coformulation system helps the herbicides more successfully penetrate the plant.

“You’re getting better wetting and spreading of the spray droplet on these leaf surfaces of some of these weeds.  You run into a lot of these weed scenarios where you have hairy leaves or a really thick cuticle of the leaf, and what that means is it’s hard for these herbicides to penetrate in to that leaf and get where it needs to be and that side of action.  And so with Parlay we’ve enhanced that performance of the active ingredient by incorporating that co formulation adjuvant system.”

Dr. Cox noted that Parlay handles dramatic changes in weather very well.

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