Case IH: Autoguidance Can Help Drive Efficiency In 2021

As producers get ready to hit the fields for the 2021 growing season, many are looking for ways to improve accuracy and increase profit potential on their operation. Chris Ehman, Marketing Manager for Precision Solutions & Telematics at Case IH Aftermarket Solutions, says autoguidance is one way growers can drive efficiency in 2021.

“It is a simple way to improve accuracy on a range of equipment, and a good solution for your operation. This technology helps reduce skips and overlaps saving you fuel and labor costs and helping you better manage your seed fertilizer and crop protection inputs. Autoguidance can also help simplify field operations and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows. Your Case IH dealership is going to offer affordable solutions that are easy to install and come with less hardware, making it easier to transfer between vehicles, you can also decide on the level of accuracy that fits your farming operation from WAAS level and the basic, to all the way to the high level and the RTK.”

Ehman said Case IH offers simple autoguidance solutions for producers.

“The EZ-Pilot Pro solution is a great solution. It’s been proven over the years, and it is a popular option because it’s easy to install and delivers high accuracy at an affordable price. You don’t need to worry about clutter or extra cables in the cab because the system can be pre-equipped with several machines, without an addition of an extra controller cost. The EZ-Pilot Pro guidance system can be used on mechanical front-wheel drive tractors, four-wheel drive tractors and combines. So, it’s a really good solution and fit for many different machines or operations.”

Ehman added to learn more about the equipment right for your operation, or to find out what special offers are taking place, contact your local Case IH dealer.

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