Farmers Market Conference Looks To Help Managers Overcome 2020 Challenges

The Washington state Farmers Market Conference gets underway this week. Colleen Donovan, Executive Director of the WSFMA said the theme of this year’s on-line event is “Adapt, Overcome, Thrive”. She noted for 2021, its important farmers markets across the state are proactive, rather than reactive and learn from last year. Donovan added farmers markets did a great job changing on a dime, with a dime, in 2020.

“One of their great strengths is their adaptability and so, we were fortunate, we were actually more fortunate than many other industries that didn’t have the flexibility that farmers markets did to be able to adapt to continue to operate to continue to get the products that people needed in a safe way, so we’re very grateful that everyone worked so hard to make that possible.”

Donovan said this year’s Conference will focus on helping markets, regardless of size and location, with the basics, such as promotions, operations, insurance, and more.

“What did it mean that farmers markets added an on-line presales order, what does that mean for markets, what does that mean for farmers?  What can we learn about the public health guidance coming in to 2021 and how can markets prepare?  How can markets be messaging to their shopper base and vendors about what to expect?”

Keynote speakers at this year’s Conference include Washington Congresswoman Kim Schrier, as well as the USDA’s Tricia Kovacs and many others.

Click Here to learn more about this year’s Washington State Farmers Market Conference, or to register.

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