USDA Looking At Ways To Address Climate Change

The USDA’s top climate official, Robert Bonnie, recently said interest in the topic of the farming industry’s role when it comes to climate change comes directly from President Biden.

“He tasked the Department of Agriculture with doing some outreach to agriculture to think about our toolbox of voluntary incentive-based approaches.”

Bonnied noted the USDA is looking at ways bolster more private investment into agriculture and forestry.

“This needs to be producer-led, the benefits need to flow to producers and landowners. We need to invest in the science so that we can hold ourselves accountable to make sure we’re going a good job of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering carbon.”

“Whether it’s our Farm Bill program, thinking about new creative uses of existing authorities, whether it’s a carbon bank or otherwise, think about how we encourage wood products in the forestry sector sustainable bio-fuels; there are enormous opportunities.”

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