Duvall Testifies To How Much Ag Is Doing For The Environment

Photo: AFBF

During last week’s hearing on climate change and the agriculture sector, Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall spoke about how farmers and ranchers are already making an impact, as agriculture accounts for just 10% of greenhouse gasses emitted in the United States. All while agricultural productivity grows.

“Over the last two generations, we’ve been able to increase productivity 287% without using any more resources. Agriculture’s achievements in sustainability have happened because farmers are adopting new technologies and participating in voluntary, incentive-based conservation programs.”

Duvall added American farmers and ranchers enthusiastically embrace new technologies, and more research will further improve their impact on the environment.

“They’ve done everything from methane digesters on livestock farms to planting practices that result in less disruption of the soil. We are currently looking for partners to build on the achievements that we’ve already made. We’re working with land grant universities, policymakers and other partners. At American Farm Bureau, we look forward to continuing to find solutions for the challenges of the future.”

AFBF, Duvall pointed out, co-founded the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance to provide recommendations to lawmakers considering new climate policies. Duvall also told lawmakers that farmers are the first conservationist, and producers want to protect the planet.

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