Vilsack: Food Box Program Under Review

Recently Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, the USDA’s Food Box Program which started during the heart of the coronavirus pandemic is currently under review.

“The implementation of this program highlighted, in some cases, circumstances and situations where perhaps the level of money paid for those who were putting the boxes together was pretty significant. And there was an inequity, if you will, or there was imbalance between charges for putting these boxed together.”

Vilsack pointed out that he had one major question:

“How would you work this program in a way that you make sure that the vast majority of the resources are not going for the administration of the program, but are actually going for the purchasing of the items that are going in the boxes and geting as much as good nutritious food to people as possible.

“We obviously couldn’t conduct that review quickly enough to impact and affect changes in the program for the next couple of months. So we extended and indicated a willingness to continue this through to April.”

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