Sandison Hopeful Trade Climate Will Improve

Many in the Ag industry are trying to prepare for life to return to normal once the pandemic is behind us. One of the best ways to do that, according to Washington state Department of Agriculture director Derek Sandison, improve trade.

“If we can get back into the mode at looking at expanding markets, whether it’s Vietnam, Indonesia, or some other areas of the world that are showing interest in doing more business with the U.S., and being able to work with the U.S. Trade Representative and our industry folks to help promote our products in those countries would go a long way.”

Sandison acknowledged COVID is not going away immediately, but now is the time to plan. And with Tom Vilsack returning to head the USDA, Sandison is confident those conversations to improve trade can take place.

Sandison said the state of Washington had a great relationships with Vilsack when he was President Obama’s Secretary of Ag, and he’s looking forward to renewing that relationship.

“See what the USDA can do in terms of helping us deal with some of the, again, multifaceted issues that we’re facing right now…Again he had a good track record previously and we would expect more of the same.”

Sandison added Vilsack is a very knowledgeable person, with a positive attitude, and a positive outlook on the importance of the farm economy.

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