Newhouse Reacts To Simpson’s Dam Proposal

Little Goose Lock and Dam

Last month, Idaho representative Mike Simpson unveiled a $34 billion plan to remove the four lower Snake River dams in eastern Washington. Many in the farming community say Simpson’s Energy & Salmon Concept will ruin farming since the dams allow for barge traffic between Lewiston and the Pacific.

Dan Newhouse, Chair of the Western Congressional Caucus, says the threat of removing the dams is an ongoing one, but he noted critics have become more vocal. Now he said it’s important that the entire Northwest Ag community share their stories about the importance of the Snake River dams.

“Standup and be heard, our voices need to be strong as to the huge benefits we receive, not just in eastern Washington, but throughout the Pacific Northwest and also around the country and around the world because of what they allow to happen in eastern Washington for our agricultural region to provide a safe food supply for people all around the world.”

Simpson said he favors removing the dams to save Salmon and encourage their return in Idaho.

“The dams and the salmon can coexist we’ve proven that and we’re making tremendous advances in our ability to allow fish to successful migrate from the ocean to their spawning grounds and back and we’ll continue to do that,” Newhouse responded.

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