Washington Senate Approves 40 Hour Week For Ag Workers

Washington is positioned to be the first state to bring the 40-hour work week to agricultural workers, under a bill approved by the state Senate Tuesday. Under the modified Senate Bill 5172, which was originally proposed by Yakima’s Republican Senator Curtis King, Washington would establish a three-year phase-in period of the new requirement that employers […]

Mulrony Optimistic About The Future

Cattle producers in Idaho are fairly confident about the future, after the recent Cattlefax report that points to a strong demand as well as higher prices. Idaho Cattle Executive Vice President, Cameron Mulrony, said statewide, beef cow herd numbers have held steady. “I am optimistic as things open back up and restaurants are allowed to go back […]

IDA Supports Undocumented Immigrants Getting Driving Privileges

The Idaho Dairy Industry has thrown its support behind state Senate Bill 1132, allowing undocumented immigrants the ability to obtain driving privileges within the state. The legislation also allows privileges to be issued to any Idahoan who doesn’t want the federal Star Card. Idaho Dairymen’s Association CEO Rick Naerebout said about half of Idaho’s Ag […]

Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Create an Intelligence Office in USDA

Earlier this week, a group of Representatives introduced the Agricultural Intelligence Measures Act. The bill, introduced by Arkansas Republican Rick Crawford and Ohio Republican Mike Turner, would establish an Office of Intelligence within the USDA. The lawmakers said the office would utilize the intelligence community to ensure the Secretary of Agriculture is fully informed of […]

Corteva’s Direct Scouting Puts Another Pair Of Eyes On Your Field

The 2021 growing season will be here before you know it. In an effort to help farmers watch for changes and irregularities in their fields, Corteva has a tool called Direct Scouting. “That tool uses high frequency satellite imagery, so high frequency, high resolution almost daily, in satellite imagery combine with some algorithms that we […]

State Officials Recommend Enhancements to Farmers to Families Food Box Program

State agriculture officials are asking Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to provide recommend adjustments to the Farmers to Families Food Box Program. Earlier this week, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture outlined recommendations to promote equity in farmers’ access to the program and remove unnecessary barriers of entry. Recommendations include considering the adverse impact […]

Vilsack: We Must Do Our Homework To Expand Trade

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack recently said building farm trade is not jut about opening new and expanding existing markets. “The importance of having presence in these markets. To deepen our presences. The more people we have on the ground, the more promotions we conduct the more partnerships we have.” The greater the chance of enhancing […]

Winter Wheat Continues To Struggle In The South

When it comes to the winter wheat crop nationally, growers in the southern U.S. continue to report poor conditions. “With respect to winter wheat, we’re continuing to watch Texas. 39% of the winter wheat rated in very poor to poor condition on March 7th,” noted USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. “That is largely a reflection of […]