Corteva’s Direct Scouting Puts Another Pair Of Eyes On Your Field

The 2021 growing season will be here before you know it. In an effort to help farmers watch for changes and irregularities in their fields, Corteva has a tool called Direct Scouting.

“That tool uses high frequency satellite imagery, so high frequency, high resolution almost daily, in satellite imagery combine with some algorithms that we came up with to help a grower understand which fields should I be paying attention to and where in those fields,” said Ken O’Brien with Corteva’s Granular Division. “So we send out an e-mail once a week that says ‘hey, here are your top five fields for each crop that’s enrolled that have something going on.  Go look at those five fields and go look here.’ So, it’s kind of a nice, efficient way to know where to go scout and look at fields.”

O’Brien noted Direct Scouting focuses on biomass, detecting not only the amount but color as well, allowing a producer a heads up on issues one can’t detect with the naked eye. He noted that Granular has a host of software packages that can help farmers in a lot of different aspects of their operation.

“Where we’re talking understanding agronomics, or if we’re understanding profit or even where those two join together.  Because there aren’t too many agronomic decisions that don’t have a financial impact and vice-versa often times.”

O’Brien said their programs are simple allowing a farmer to get the needed information quickly, allowing them back into the field in a short amount of time.

Click Here to learn more about the programs offered by Granular.

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