Vilsack: Rural America Will Benefit from American Rescue Plan

Last week, Congress approved the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, in an effort to help the American economy move past the pandemic. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was excited when President Biden signed the Plan into law. He recently pointed out that the farming community will benefit in a variety of ways.

“That plan also provides for an expansion and an extension of the SNAP benefits for a number of months through the summer. It extend the pandemic EBT effort through September. It increases investments in online purchasing, and it provides additional resources under PFAP which will allow us the opportunity to continue to provide assistance and help to food banks and pantries throughout the United States who have just done an incredible job.”

“And it will provide, I think, assistance and help for our schools as begin to adjust to whatever the new normal will be once we get on the other side of this pandemic.”

Vilsack added the bill will also provide debt relief and help rural homeowners pay their mortgages, as well as fund broadband for schools, hospitals, and community facilities. 

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