USDA: Egg Prices Remain High

American table egg producers have been riding a wholesale price roller coaster over the past few years. 
2019 prices only averaging about 96 cents per dozen, then when we got to early 2020.

“We had this sudden surge in retail buy-in as consumers faced with stay-at-home orders went to the grocery stores to stock up on perishable items such as eggs,” USDA Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said that sent wholesale prices up to a record high; an average of $3.07 a dozen. Currently prices are about $1.50; still historically a pretty high price. 

Shagam said the prices are being supported by the number of layers and a course a drop in egg production.

“Over the past year, probably a little longer, producers have been cutting back on the number of layers and that has carried through. And again that pre-dates the pandemic we’re talking about declines in production really began in December of 2019.”

Shagum added the laying clock and egg production are currently running 2% smaller than a year ago.

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