Clark: Keep Pasture Health Top Of Mind As Life Returns To Normal

As the farming community comes out of the coronavirus pandemic, one livestock expert is warning not to ignore the health of your pastures. Jeff Clark, Range and Pasture Market Development Specialist with Corteva said 2020 was the best year for the pasture market, since more people were at home, meaning they were paying attention to what was taking place in their fields.

“They were seeing the weeds at first, they weren’t just coming to cattlemen meeting and grabbing a good dinner, and tidbits of information, they were actually seeing the problems that we’ve been preaching about for several years and finally addressing those.  So, honestly from a pasture standpoint, from a livestock production standpoint, things have gotten tighter in a good fashion.”

Looking to the year ahead, Clark said it’s important not only to have a good feed program, a good vaccine program, a good mineral program, but also include in there a strong pasture program. He noted the health of your pasture impacts overall herd health.

“From toxic weeds to toxic forages, even down to parasites as the cattle are grazing, so keep that in mind of working your pasture program, getting with your ranch and pasture specialist so that we can talk to you about how we can help you have a tighter herd health program moving forward into the new year.”

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