How Can The 4Rs Benefit Your Operation?

Are you familiar with agriculture’s nutrient stewardship protocol, ” The Four Rs”?

“Using the right source of nutrient at the right rate, the right time, and the right place,” said Lara Moody of The Fertilizer Institute. She added the protocol is not one, but rather a suite, of sustainability practices designed to reach preferred outcomes in the 4R system.

“All geared towards increasing productivity and economics on the farm, while minimizing nutrient loss so that we can address impacts to water and air quality.”

Think practices and tools such a soil sampling to variable rate equipment.

Moody added, the 4Rs are being further enhanced by Ag innovations and development; or now being used, such as enhanced efficiency fertilizer.

“We continue to fine-tune and increase not only our knowledge about those products, but innovate and find new ways that we can further enhance those products for the farm’s outcome.”

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