USDA’s Final Rule On Hemp Now In Effect

The USDA’s final rule on hemp production is now in effect.

“[It] includes provisions on licensing, on record keeping about the land where hemp is produced, sampling and testing requirements for the THC concentration levels, compliance, disposing or remediating plants that don’t comply, and procedures for handling violations,” noted USDA Deputy Undersecretary Mae Wu. “There are a few changes between the interim final rule and the final rule. USDA has worked closely with our partners and other federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration to adopt rules that are significantly more flexible for producers and state and tribal regulatory bodies that are overseeing the hemp program.”

Wu added some of the changes are around sampling requirements and disposal or remediation of non-compliant plants.

“These are all changes that were widely supported by the industry, the State Department of Agriculture and by tribal governments”

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