Will There Be Changes To CFAP, Vilsack Offers Insight

While Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, did not make a formal announcement about USDA latest edition of CFAP, or additional assistance to farmers it is expected to provide, he provided insight earlier this week.

“I expect and anticipate in the next week or so that we’re going to be able to lay out the plan in terms of what we’re going to try to do over the course of the next several weeks and months as it relates to C-FAP.”

So, what does that roll-out of a new round of CFAP look like?

“For some of what we can do we can so it fairly soon because rules are in place, the system is in place, it just build on what has been done in the past. But there are many aspects of agriculture and the food industry that were not helped in previous COVID packages for which we will sort of have to create a new set of rules. That take a little time to make sure that we use and many of those COVID relief dollars as wisely as possible to provide as much help equitably as possible.”

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