Vilsack Addresses Child Hunger Support

What are some of the ways that rural child hunger is being addressed through recent legislation and existing USDA programs?

“An increase in the SNAP benefit. We now have over a million Americans that are using the SNAP benefit online because they are having a difficult time maybe accessing a grocery store, now they have an opportunity to use this additional online,” noted Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The pandemic EBT, that’s the program that’s providing help to those families whose children are not in school who aren’t getting that school breakfast, who aren’t getting that school lunch, with additional resources. And it’s not just about children in school. It’s also expanding that program to children under the age of 6 if their childcare facility has been shut down.

Vilsack, also addressed the latest when it comes to WIC.

“We’re expanding the benefit of WIC by providing a bonus payment. And we’re also making sure that states have resources to extend enrollment, to find innovative ways to connect people to the WIC program.”

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