Bohle: Call On Lawmakers To Fund OSU Extension

Oregon State University’s Extension is asking for your help to ensure the program receives the needed funding to continue providing services statewide. OSU Extension Agronomist, Mylen Bohle, said currently there are far too many, county ag agent and specialty positions vacant over the past year.

“It’s really going to depend on what the legislative does for a budget for OSU extension, Agricultural Experiment Station and the Forest Products Lab as to what we can do to backfill those positions.”

And he noted, some counties have not had a 4-H or Ag Agent for over three years. Bohle added it’s important those impacted by OSU Extension across the state reaches out to lawmakers, asking that needed funding is provided.

“If they see value with the OSU Extension, they need to contact their legislators and let them know they’re a valuable resource.”

If funding isn’t secured, Bohle said agents would have to cover multiple counties to try and meet multiple needs at once.

Click Here to connect with Oregon leadership, or ideas how to craft such a letter,

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