Rippey Looks At Current Pasture, Winter Wheat Conditions

How does the national winter wheat crop look?

“We see some of the lowest rated wheat across the central and southern plains in Colorado and Texas,” noted USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “Both at 29% very poor to poor. Meanwhile we have somewhat better conditions as you move in to Kansas and Oklahoma.”

Meanwhile, when looking at pastures conditions, Rippey said they have been slower to respond to the precipitation, especially in states like Colorado.

“There are been improvement but still 48% very poor to poor . Expect that to improve though as we move a little bit further in to the growing season as we get warmer weather grass will start to grow more.”

Rippey continued that pasture conditions are better in Oklahoma.

“29% very poor to poor. Texas has been on the other side of a lot of this precipitation remaining a bit drier. 52% of the pastures and rangeland in Texas currently rated very poor to poor with some very serious draught in the western and southern parts of the state.”

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