Mulrony Weighs In On COOL Conversation

More and more voices in the livestock industry are calling for a return to Country of Origin Labeling. Idaho Cattle Association Executive Vice President Cameron Mulrony said their policy supports a voluntary COOL program in the state. “So we are supporting of COOL options, not mandatory COOL options, but COOL options that are producer-driven and create […]

WSDA: Think Twice Before Giving Bunnies, Chicks As Gifts

With Easter this weekend, the Washington state Department of Agriculture is out with a warning. Although it may be tempting to gift a small child with a fuzzy baby rabbit or chick, the WSDA says giving such animals as gifts should only be done after careful consideration for the health of the children and the […]

The Northwest Prepares To Say Good Bye To Very Dry March

Typically March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. But if you look at the numbers this year, March is leaving the same way it came in, dry. According to Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, some portions of the Northwest received only 25%-50% of their normal monthly precipitation totals. […]

Galen Encouraged That Senate Is Looking At Farm Workforce Modernization Act

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act recently passed recently by the House of Representatives would give dairy farmers much needed greater access to foreign labor. The National Milk Producers Federation’s Chris Galen said House passage of the bill provides momentum towards addressing dairy’s labor needs. “Last week, the House of Representatives took a very important step […]

Consumers Continue To Demand Quality During the Pandemic

The beef cattle experts will tell you the industry has come a long way during the past pandemic-infused 12 months. Dr. Nevil Speer with Where Food Comes From, Inc. noted while the pandemic has been a challenge. “There’s been some really exciting things that we’ve seen in terms of beef demand. And the consumer, they’ve […]

AFBF Concerned How Administration Will Pay For Infrastructure Proposal

President Biden’s economic team has adjusted higher the administration’s tax and spending figures for the infrastructure plan the President is expected to unveil Wednesday. According to the Washington Post, the original plan called for $3 trillion in new spending and $1 trillion in new tax hikes. But fear such a big gap would spike interest […]

U.S. Dairy Working To Regain Market Share In China

The U.S. Heartland China Association recently hosted a roundtable discussion on the trading relationship between the U.S. and China. Agriculture and trade officials from both countries talked about ways to go about improving the relationship between the nations. Krysta Harden, President and CEO of the U.S Dairy Export Council, said America’s dairy farmers have a […]

Talks With Taiwan Not Expected To Be A Priority For Biden Administration

One expert on Asia says the farming community should not expect the Biden Administration to focus on trade deals with individual nations early in the first term. Scott Harold with the Rand Defense Research Group, using talks with Taiwan as an example says he does not anticipate unilateral discussions to occur until late in the […]

Fertilizer Prices Up Dramatically

Fertilizer prices are up dramatically this spring, increasing input costs for growers. Data from the Department of Agriculture shows prices are up between 17%-57% since the fall. David Widmar of Agricultural Economics Insights says that while nitrogen often gets the most attention, phosphorus prices are up the most. Anhydrous ammonia and urea are up 37% […]

Vilsack Highlights Facilities That Will Benefit Rural Communities

The USDA recently announced it was investing nearly $300 million to improve rural community facilities and essential services to in 16 states and Peurto Rico. More than half the funding is for rural  healthcare and emergency response services.  “The virus has probably hit all of us in one form or another but it has hit […]