Easterday Admits To Cattle Scam

A Tri-Cities area rancher pleaded guilty this week to a single count of wire fraud and faces up to 20 years in prison for managing cows he never owned. Investigators say the scam started in 2016, when Cody Easterday contacted with Tyson Foods, to purchase and maintain cattle for the packing giant. However, the cows […]

Duncan: Defunding OFRI Will Hurt Oregon In Multiple Ways

The Oregon Farm Bureau is warning legislation currently under consideration will hurt Oregon’s economy and Natural Resources sector in multiple ways. Lawmakers are debating House Bill 2357, which would remove funding for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. Sara Duncan with the Oregon Forest & Industries Council said what many don’t realize is OFRI is the […]

Mulrony: We Need Additional Processing Capacity

Count Idaho among the growing number of states in need of additional meat processing capacity. Idaho Cattle Association Executive Vice President Cameron Mulrony said as more reports and data regarding the pandemic’s impact on the industry are published, it’s becoming very apparent that more hook space is needed. “As we know, competition helps drive the […]

OSU’s FRSAN Looking To Address Growing Problem Of Mental Health In Farming Community

Statistics show more and more farmers, young, old, male, female, struggle with mental health. In an effort to help the agriculture community, Oregon State University has launched a new on-line resource, the “Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network”, better known as Farm-SAN. OSU’s Cassie Bouska said currently there’s a stigma associated with mental health in […]

Tyson Offers COVID Vaccinations To Workers

Tyson Foods held a free, onsite COVID-19 vaccination event Thursday, encouraging workers at their Pasco beef plant to get immunized. Prior to Thursday’s event, only 100 of the 1,400 employees at the plant had been vaccinated, and company officials were hoping to use the day to encourage hundreds more to get the shot. Company officials […]

AFBF Opposes Elimination of Stepped-Up Basis and New Capital Gains Taxes at Death

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall says the organization objects to a proposal by several lawmakers to tax unrealized capital gains at death and roll back the stepped-up basis on those capital gains. Duvall said, “Taxing capital gains when a loved one passes away would have a devastating impact on farm and ranch families.” […]

Lawmakers Introduce ACRE Act

A group of House lawmakers this week introduced the Agriculture Civil Rights and Equality Act, or ACRE Act. The legislation would prohibit officials at the Department of Agriculture from discriminating or providing preferential treatment to any person on the basis of race, color, national origin or sex. The prohibitions would apply to USDA hiring, contracting, […]

Vilsack: I trust Farmers

During a recent exchange between congressman Rick Allen and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack focused on the past and future of black farmers. “American Rescue Plan includes 4 billion from USDA for loans to disadvantaged farmers,” Allen noted. “But in that definition of disadvantaged farmers, and again, what we’re hearing is a lot like if you […]

Could The CCC Be Used As A Carbon Bank?

Could the Commodity Credit Corporation one day also be seen as a carbon bank? “Remember the charter of the commodity credit corporation speaks specifically to markets,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Stabilizing markets, and yes creating markets. So it’s really designed for this type of opportunity.” Vilsack said before that can happen, deliberate efforts must […]