NASS: More Winter Wheat Planted Than Expected

It looks farmers planted more acres of winter wheat than initially thought. Last week, the USDA reported 33.1 million acres of winter wheat.

“That’s up 3.4% from the from the seeding number back in January. So now 8.8% above what was actually planted last year,” noted NASS’ Lance Hoenig. He added it’s the first increase in U.S. wheat seeding in eight years.

However, even with 33 million acres, “That does still represent the 7th lowest winter wheat planted area on record. So we’re certainly not back to any significant levels but definitely higher then we were a year ago.”

And higher than what many industry experts had predicted, the expected planted acreage was roughly one million acres less than the recently released USDA numbers. One other note on wheat; USDA released is quarterly wheat stocks report showing all wheat stocks down 7% from a year ago.

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