Chumrau: UI Cookie Will Benefit Growers In Several Ways

Last month, the Idaho Wheat Commission announced the licensing of UI Cookie a new soft white spring variety. Casey Chumrau, IWC Executive Director said UI Cookie has excellent yield, superior end-use quality and easy threshing ability. She added there’s currently excellent demand for all soft whites, both winter and spring.

“About 65% of the Idaho production is a soft white variety, and we are seeing this year on the international market that soft white spring sales are well above the last few years.  That’s partially due to international demand from China, but also some production issues.”

UI Cookie was developed at the University of Idaho Research and Extension center in Aberdeen. Chumrau said UI Cookie showed great test results in irrigated zones, but also shows great potential in dryland regions. She added it has improved stripe rust resistance and good Fausarium head blight tolerance.

“We’re really hoping growers throughout the state are going to enjoy the agronomics results of this variety. But particularly, we’re hoping some of those growers in the dryer areas that have some of the lower yields compared to other areas of the state might be able to benefit from the lower input cost benefits of this variety as well.”

Idaho growers interested in participating in a strip trial with UI Cookie can now obtain seed from IWC through a material transfer agreement.

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