Vilsack: Seniors Are Often Overlooked In SNAP Conversations

One segment of the population that is typically overlooked with it comes to SNAP is senior citizens.

“We need to make sure we address the challenges with seniors,” said Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack, at a recent anti-hunger conference. “I think some seniors believe that SNAP is a welfare program; it’s not. It’s a program that is called a supplemental nutrition assistance program for a reason. This is not welfare. This is really about maintaining the health of everyone.

“Seniors who have access to healthy foods will obviously have fewer trips to the doctor, fewer ailments and illnesses which benefits not just them, but benefits their families, it benefits community, benefits all of us,” the Secretary continued.

Vilsack added there are a variety of challenges that need to be addressed.

“I think the key here in part is to make sure that not only that people qualify for these programs, but that they actually have access to the food within these programs. And that means addressing aggressively the food deserts that exist in urban centers, but also very much so in rural areas.”

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