How Could Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Benefit Ag

President Biden says his infrastructure plan will focus on repairing, replacing, upgrading the country’s roads, bridges, ports, airports, and waterways.

“It makes it easier and more efficient to move good, and to make us more competitive around the world.  And this transportation investment critically important.” Especially for the nation’s farm and food industry, according to Ag secretary Tom Vilsack.

“That advantage we have in markets around the world for our agricultural products in part is a result of that fact that we can get our crops to market more quickly and more efficiently and less expensively because we have a better transportation system.”

But Vilsack said if the U.S. does not invest in that system soon.

“And if we don’t modernize our ports, if we don’t repair our locks and dams if we don’t improve our highways we will lose that advantage and once it’s lost it’s very difficult to get back. We’re seeing other countries investing very significant sums in improving their transportation systems.”

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