Impact Of SE Freeze On Peaches, Other Fruits

It wasn’t just the Pacific Northwest that experienced exceptionally cold temperatures recently. What were the impacts of the freezes that hit the southeastern U.S. on April 2nd and 3rd?

“There has been some significant damage to the peach crop in South Carolina. We did see temperatures down in to the 20s in some of the orchards,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “And according to USDA NASS, as of the week ending April 11th, South Carolina now reporting 45% of the peach crop rated in very poor to poor condition and that is up from 0% prior to the April 2nd and 3rd freeze.”

How wide spread was this month’s damage?

“It appears that it stayed warm enough that there wasn’t any wide spread or significant damage to the peach crop . So we’re really kind of focusing in on South Carolina and elsewhere in the Carolinas for stone fruits, white peaches, as well as possibly some of the earlier developing winter wheat. Also some reports of blueberry damage in a few colder spots.”

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