Volunteer Canola Becoming A Bigger Problem Across the Northwest

Washington State University researchers are warning growers to be on the lookout for volunteer canola, which is becoming a problematic weed here in the Northwest. WSU’s Drew Lyon said as canola acreage increases throughout the state, volunteer canola has become a bigger challenge.

“Some of this canola is got the Roundup Ready trait in it, so it’s resistant to glyphosate which is a common herbicide used in non-crop periods to clean up weeds and volunteer crops whether it’s canola or wheat.” 

There are some different herbicides that can be used on volunteer canola. Or growers can plant a grass crop like wheat or barley after canola, Lyon noted. He added they’ve been talking with Canadian researchers who have been fighting this problem for a while in their wheat rotations.

“Their advice is that there are a number of things to do. The earlier you can apply the herbicides to the volunteer, the better.” 

Lyon said it can be an issue wherever canola is grown. Check out Lyon’s blog by Clicking Here

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