Rural Washington Lawmakers Fear Cap & Trade Will Create Additional Challenges For Ag Businesses

Over the weekend, Washington lawmakers approved a cap and trade bill, which opponents say will cost consumers more money and the state jobs. Colfax Representative Joe Schmick said there are a lot of exemptions, such as Ag fuel, but it may not be that way long after the bill is put into law.

“Typically, the emphasis will be, you make whatever concessions you have to get the bill passed, you can change it later, and tie all of these folks back in.  And that’s exactly what I believe they are doing right now, is buying off people to get it in place and then who knows what’s going to happen in the future.”

Schmick said he’s concerned the state is already seeing that impact. He cited a major processor that is looking at building a facility in the Tri-Cities, area, but Schmick fears company officials will look at moving to Idaho, which is more Ag and business friendly.

Schmick added not only will Cap and Trade add another regulatory hurdle for Washington businesses, it will not improve roadways and traffic.

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