USDA Promotes Conservation, On-Farm Trials

Climate-smart agricultural and soils health practices are the focus areas for the latest round of USDA Conservation Innovation Grant on-farm trials.

“This year we’ll have $25 million dollars dedicated to CIG on-farm trials. There is a sub-component of that called soil health demonstration. About $10 million dollars will be dedicated to the soil health demonstration trials,” noted Natural Resources Conservation Service Deputy Chief, Jimmy Bramblett.

He added C.I.G. on-farm proposals are being accepted through June 21st.

“What we’re trying to do with the on-farm trials portion of this is actually demonstrate how these activities, how these visions, practices, how these measurements of the effectiveness of conservation take place at the farm scale.”

More information on conservation grants and the on-farm trial component visit NRCS’ Website, and click the programs tab and financial assistance link to get to the CIG homepage. 

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