Robinson: Many Americans Lack Needed On-line Skills

The push is on to get every business and home in rural America connected to the Internet with high speed broadband. 
However, according to Vickie Robinson, General Manager of Microsoft’s Global Airband Initiative, connectivity alone is not enough to bring people online. She recently told House Ag leaders, for many people, impediments to be able to benefit from broadband access.

“The inability to afford service, the cost of a device like a laptop or desktop computer, or a lack of digital skills to fully make the most of new connectivity.”

And on that score, she estimates a third of Americans have few or no digital skills and so,

“We are and AirBand partners are working with non-profits like the National 4-H Council, and Future Farmers of America to provide critical digital skilling resources to the community.”

Because she says it’s not just about connecting homes, it’s about transforming communities.

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