USDA Rolls Out “AIM for Climate”

At President Biden’s Climate Summit last week, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack rolled out the Agricultural Innovation Mission for Climate, better known as AIM for Climate.

“As you all know, U.S. has rejoined the Paris Agreement and as a part of that we are making an aggressive reduction target for the country by 2030.”

Vlisack noted the White Houses’s goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030. To that end, USDA is directing hundreds of millions of dollars to promote climate efforts at home.

“These resources will essentially allow us to aggressively begin a process over the next four years of investing in a variety of projects and activities focused on making the best utilization of the climate opportunity we have.”

Meanwhile the AIM for Climate initiative calls for greater investment in agricultural research to help support transformative climate action in all countries. Vilsack pointed out it will be formally launched later this year. 

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