Yenish: Rezuvant Great For Northwest Cereal Grain Growers

In an effort to help Northwest cereal grain growers maintain clean fields and protect yields, Corteva Agriscience has introduced Rezuvant. Corteva’s Joe Yenish said this post emergence herbicide combines an elevated load of three ingredients, fluroxpyr with pinoxaden and the power of Arylex active, to delivery consistent control of hard to manage weeds.

“Wild oats, Italian ryegrass as you move into Montana it would have control over Persian darnel and foxtail, if there’s some isolated areas there in the northwest.  On the broadleaf side, it brings kochia control it brings common lambsquarters control, in addition a little help on pig weed, water hemp.”

Yenish added it also provides excellent control over Marestail which is becoming more and more of a problem. He noted Rezuvant also has more consistent control under period of duress such as moisture stress.

He added by expanding their portfolio, they have given cereal growers a clearly better option.

“This is a group one, compared to our peroxin based products, which are group two, and it is labeled for use in barley, so we’re expanding the applications of some of our broad spectrum or cross spectrum products here.”

Yenish, who spent over 15 years at Washington State University says he understands the region and how Rezuvant will help cereal as well as winter wheat growers. Click Here to learn more about Rezuvant.

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