Perry: Many Questions Remain For Pear Growers, Wine Industry

Today’s Northwest Farm Credit Services Quarterly Commodity Snapshot Series turns to pears as well as the wine industry. Bill Perry, Vice President at NWFCS, said their 12 month profitability index sees pear growers breaking even.

“Although pears are receiving more favorable pricing due to more manageable supplies and good quality fruit, growers yields were down.  There’s optimism for a larger 2021-2022 crop, however consumer demand might not meet an increased crop, which would result in lower pricing.”

When it comes to wineries and vineyards, Perry said their 12 month outlook calls for slight profit margins.

“Reduces supplies have improved market dynamics for vineyards while the success of wineries has depended on their sales channels.  Yet, overall, consumer demand has remained stable and wineries focus on premise sales should see some recovery this year.”

Join us Monday as our Snapshot Series turns to Fisheries and the Nursery industry.

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