Vilsack: USDA Offers Economic Help For Producers Impacted By COVID-19

The pandemic is not just a health crisis, but also an economic crisis. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the USDA has a long list of programs and actions that can help the farming community dealing with the economic damage left behind by COVID-19.

“We’ve provided some additional assistance and help for farm families who have been suffering through a very difficult time.”

For rural families in homes or apartments financed through USDA loans families having trouble making monthly payments.

“We’re creating avenues of health and assistance so they can keep their home; they can keep their apartment.”

Also he said USDA has ramped up nutrition assistance for low-income Americans.

“We know the link between good nutrition and the ability to withstand these viruses and to try and mitigate the consequences of them. And so we want to make sure people are properly nourished.”

Also on the health side, over a thousand USDA workers across the country have been helping with the vaccination efforts.

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