Work Continues To Address NCW Beaver Problems

Photo: Lizzie Bridges Photography

The Wenatchee-Entiat Beaver Project, a partnership between Trout Unlimited and Fish and Wildlife, is looking to partner with producers and other landowners who are having issues with beavers. Kodi Jo Jaspers with Trout Unlimited said their work is focused on re-establishing beavers where appropriate, offering beaver dam analogs and helping homeowners needing to cohabitate with or re-locate beavers.

“As you can imagine beavers like fruit trees and will chew on them if they’re there. That’s such a large scale issue as far as, we can’t go and cage every single tree in an orchard like you can on property where there’s just a few trees. A lot of times we’re trapping with those. We’ve worked with several orchardists in the Valley to trap and re-located beavers.”

She also noted that beavers can reside in irrigation canals, causing problems to the farming infrastructure. Jaspers said while the beaver population is not where it use to be they can be problematic.

“The project is really working to assist landowners when they have issues but keep the beavers in the system in areas they can have reduced issues with landowners but have the ecosystem benefits that they provide for our watershed.” 

Click Here to learn more about the Wenatchee-Entiat Beaver Project.

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