Impact of Pandemic Not Just Physical For Rural America

The coronavirus is not just about physical heath effects of the virus, but also the mental health impact of this pandemic. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, said this is a problem nationwide. Especially, it seems, in rural areas, many of which were already under economic stress. 

“And then you bring in a pandemic that physically separates us from one another that turns out lives upside down, That creates not only health hardship, that makes many people wonder if there’s gonna have enough to pout food on the table.”

That’s a lot of stress. Murthy noted that studies are now showing, “rates of anxiety and depression really increased at a pretty worrisome rate.”

Murthy said rural areas were already suffering from lack of mental health facilities and providers.

Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, added there are new programs and more money come to be put in to, “making sure that people have access to the service they need. It’s not that people can “tough it out.” They need help.”

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