Ag Groups Urge Administration to Appeal Chlorpyrifos Court Decision

A coalition of agriculture groups urge the Biden administration to appeal a circuit court decision related to chlorpyrifos. The court ruling requires the EPA to either write a new rule to allow for the safe use of chlorpyrifos or halt all food residue tolerances of the insecticide, which would effectively ban its use. The Ag Retailers Association along with dozens of agriculture groups oppose the court ruling because “it will set a bad precedent for EPA’s registration review process for all agricultural chemicals.” The groups say the ruling sets the precedent of allowing petitioners and the federal courts to impose their decision-making process in reviewing the science over EPA’s long-standing regulatory authority as established by Congress.

The letter stated, “We urge EPA to pursue all available legal review avenues to protect the science-based and risk-based regulatory process.” Chlorpyrifos is a widely used pesticide for use on crops, livestock and buildings to control insects and worms.

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