May Drought Numbers Historic

The latest U.S. drought monitor is reaching historic levels.

“There have only been four times in in the history of the drought monitor that we have seen more than 40% US drought coverage as we’ve come in to early May,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brady Rippey. “The current U.S. drought coverage is 46.6% of the lower 48 states in drought. That is a 2.6% point increase from what we saw five weeks ago near the end of March when we saw drought coverage at 43.9%”

Most of the drought he noted, is centered out here in the west. 

“You look at the 11 state western region we se now a remarkable 84% drought coverage on May 4th. That’s a 9% increase from fiveweeks ago. 75% drought coverage at the end of March.”

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