More Crop Insurance Polices Purchased In 2020

Last year, was a challenging on for agriculture, regardless of commodity, and many of those challenges continue into 2021. Despite the many struggles.

“America’s farmers and ranchers never stopped their essential work of feeling America. That’s why crop insurance companies, their agents and adjusters, and our partners at USDA in the Risk Management Agency, have contentiously worked to support the farm community. It has been our priority to maintain our record of service to the American farmer during these difficult times,” said Tom Zacharias of National Crop Insurance Services.

He added over one million crop insurance policies were purchased last year. And he said that even with the unpredictability of 2020, where a pandemic joined natural disasters as risk for crops and livestock.

“Crop insurance utilizes private sector efficiencies and innovations to quickly deliver to the farm community. That’s why crop insurance is agriculture’s most effective risk management tool.”

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