Supreme Court Decision In Mexico Good News For Idaho Growers, Says Muir

The late April Supreme Court ruling in Mexico allowing for the import of U.S. potatoes is being celebrated by American growers. Frank Muir, President and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, said this has been a long battle for growers across the Gem State and across the nation. “I think what will happen in Mexico […]

Klamath Water Users Association Calls For An End of “Unacceptable Behaviors”

Earlier this week, the Klamath Water Users Association called on supporters of agriculture to stop intimidating and inappropriate behaviors immediately. The names and addresses of Bureau of Reclamation employees have reportedly been published on social media, inviting anger be directed toward those individuals. In addition, there have been other “inappropriate communications. “Stop it,” said KWUA […]

Tai Addresses Dairy Issues Between U.S./Canada

The dairy industry has expressed frustrations with our neighbors to the north. Many American producers allege Canada is trying to limit imports of U.S. dairy products, despite the updated USMCA. So now, the U.S. dairy industry is pressing the Biden administration to start a dispute settlement case with Canada. During a recent House hearing with […]

WSU: Watch For Western Red Cedar Dying Off

Washington State University researchers are asking for your help in monitoring the concerning die-off of the western red cedar. Postdoctoral fellow Joseph Hulbert said this red cedar is an important species to the Northwest for cultural value and as a value of the region’s industrial heritage. “It’s really characterized by the tops dying in a […]

Application Period Open for Conservation Innovation Grants Program

NRCS is investing up to $15 million to support the development of new conservation tools and practices. Specifically, NRCS is seeking new tools, approaches, practices and technologies to further natural resource conservation on private lands through the Conservation Innovation Grants program. USDA says CIG partners use creative problem solving and innovation to address our nation’s […]

USDA Looking For Input On The Future Of The Food System

USDA is seeking public comment about a process of building resilience in to the food system to help avoid shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic. “We know our food system broke down and we are in the process of  rebuilding it,” noted Deputy Undersecretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, Mae Wu. “But we don’t want to […]