USDA Releases 90-Day Climate-Smart Progress Report

The USDA recently published its 90-Day Progress Report on Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry. The agency said it represents an important step toward President Biden’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad and the shift towards a whole-of-department approach to solutions.

“With the right tools and partnerships, American agriculture and forestry can lead the world in solutions that will increase climate resistance, sequester carbon, enhance agricultural productivity, and maintain critical environmental benefits,” said Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. “At this pivotal time, the president has called upon USDA to develop a strategy for climate-smart agriculture and forestry as part of a whole-of-government effort to addressing the climate crisis.”

The Ag Secretary added this is also central to USDA’s approach is the concept that whatever the agency does must work for farmers, ranchers, and landowners. The goal is to combat the climate crisis and conserve and protect the nation’s lands, biodiversity, and natural resources like soil, air, and water. Through research, conservation practices, and partnerships, USDA is looking to find solutions to agricultural challenges, enhancing economic growth, and create new streams of income for farmers, ranchers, producers, and private foresters.

Visit the USDA’s Website for more information on the progress report.

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