Washington Relaxes Some COVID Restrictions For Farm Workers

Late last week, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced the state had relaxed some of the COVID-19 emergency rules for farm workers. One of the biggest changes means fully vaccinated farmworkers living in temporary housing no longer need to wear masks. The move came a week after the Washington Farm Labor Association and the state Farm Bureau raised concerns that farmworkers weren’t covered when the state decided fully vaccinated workers no longer needed to wear masks.

Other changes announced by the state include:

  • In most situations, fully vaccinated workers no longer need to social distance.
  • In sleeping quarters with only fully vaccinated occupants, bed spacing must meet prior requirements, including spacing of at least 3 feet between single beds and 4 feet between bunk beds. Both the top and bottom bunk may be used.
  • Agricultural operators must verify workers are fully vaccinated before making the changes.

Most of the other requirements under the previous emergency rules, filed May 9, remain in effect.

For a full list of what requirements change, and what stays, Click Here.

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